Why Isn't Your Home Selling?

Why Isn't Your Home Selling?

Today’s video is an important one that you’ll want to watch till the end. We’re going to talk about “Why Isn’t Your Home Selling?” It’s an important question that I am often asked by people whose home isn’t selling. I’m going to cover three reasons why I think your home isn’t selling.


What I mean about presentation is, is your home decluttered?

Is your home spacious? In the first two minutes that I’m in your home, does it feel like it’s MY space and not yours?  And that’s what I mean about less you the homeowner, than me the potential buyer.

When I bring a buyer through your home, I want to make sure they can picture themselves there, I want to make sure that they don’t have to look around and take little Johnny’s pictures off the wall and envision their children there. I want the slate to be clean and I want them to see a neutral home that they can see themselves and their children growing up in.

Does it smell good? Really important topic, sometimes the topic can offend but if your home smells like smoke, or pets or anything like that or foul cooking odours, guys I am just keeping it real, these things have to be dealt with in advance.

So, make sure your house smells good, because when I walk in, if it smells good and that doesn’t matter if it’s a glade plug in or it smells neutralized, that’s important. We don’t want heavy, heavy, heavy odours in the home, as you can imagine that would be offensive.

Does the house look good? Is it bright and spacious? What I mean by bright is, the days are getting shorter folks, and you know at 5:30-6:00 its getting dark. Why do we want the house looking bright? Because it’s really easy to look around and see the house for what it is when it’s bright. The other part of it is, we like natural light, we like to have sunny kitchens, we like to have sunny family rooms where we spend time with our family, the master bedroom etc.

So, if you don’t have a lot of natural light, get some light into those rooms….be it plug in lamps on timers so that agents don’t need to run around turning lights on. Make it easy for your buyers walking through your door.  The other part of it is, if there are burnt out light bulbs, pot lights, overhead lighting, side lighting, take care of those before you go to market so your house is bright, spacious, clean, smelling good and presents like a 10/10.


Super important when you are selling your home, not to be a secret house for sale.  So, what I mean about marketing is, Is your marketing for your home all in? Do you have high quality photos? Do you have high quality videos? Do you have a website for your home? Are those videos and photos being used for something? What are they being used for? If you’re not on one of these, if you don’t have great photos on here most of our consumers on these technological products like iPhone or android devices and we make sure our marketing is top notch, it’s crisp, and the message is clear, the photos are clear, and your home looks amazing. So, weave that into presentation…if it presents well, but you can’t market it, then no one is going to know your home is for sale.


Most important part that weaves all of this together, whether it’s the presentation or the marketing…I’m not suggesting because your home isn’t sold, that you’ve got to drop the price necessarily. You need to have a conversation that weaves in how the marketing is working, how the home is presented, because the price doesn’t matter. If we create an impression, someone may be willing to pay $25, $30, $40,000 more because they fall in love with your home.  Got to let that sink in folks! What matters is – am I getting out there? Am I getting the traction? Am I getting the exposure? The answer is not always to drop the price necessarily, but the answer is always to have a really good hard look at the presentation, the marketing and the price together, to work with someone you trust, someone who is knowledgeable, who can crush all of these topics in order to get you where you’ve got to go. Whether it’s your dream job that you’re moving to, you’re moving out of province, or the city, or you just want to get to that neighbourhood that you’re meant to raise your kids in…. whatever it is, more than ever now folks, who you work with matters.


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