Who Do You Trust

Who Do You Trust? 

Who do you trust with your biggest investment?

I’m talking about your home. I am going to give you three little easy tips to remember when you are interviewing an agent to sell your biggest investment.

Track Record. Often, we meet people we shake hands, we look for likeability. I am taking about three important things here that go beyond likeability, I am talking about the track record of the person sitting in front of you, in your home talking to you about handling the biggest real estate transaction possibly of your life. Is that person skilled? What do their skills look like? So, I put here, SHOW ME. Show me your days on market. Show me your average days it takes to sell a home. Show me your list to sale price ratio. So, are they listing really high? Selling them really low? Or are they selling pretty close to asking, if not over asking? Which tells you something about their plan and their marketing and their pricing.

Important questions... How many homes have they sold? Do you want to work with someone who has sold 50 homes? Or would you like to be with someone who has sold hundreds of homes throughout the course of their career? And I am not talking specifically in a calendar year, I am talking about, are you hiring somebody who is experienced. Someone who has got the ability and the track record to do an amazing job at selling your biggest asset.

I want to talk about Marketing.

Marketing. Is the person that you are going to hire to sell your biggest asset a mega marketer? We do a lot of things for our clients. We don’t stop at digital marketing, staging and ensuring that the presentation and the marketing products in the home, the brochures, the feature sheets, the flyers, the print media, is all a 12 out of 10. Why? Because 90% of our buyers come from the internet.

So, is your marketing, from the agent sitting in front of you, is it good enough? Do you trust this person, again, to take your biggest asset and market it effectively? So, is it aggressive and current marketing? Is it in today’s age? Is it relevant? Is it digital marketing? The target audience, have they identified who the right buyer of your home should be? And are those ads going to the right eyeballs? Staging, open house flyers, so much more that I can do.

We do a lot for our clients and we don’t stop at digital, we also look at print. It’s really important to figure out who the target buyer is. So, if we are selling in a retirement community, I go all in. I believe that print marketing for the right audience absolutely works. And for digital, I say pretty much everyone is on hand held devices these days. On the internet, on an iPad, iPhone, Android, so it’s important that you are on YouTube, on Facebook, on Instagram and you know how to use those tools to effectively market your home.

Team Vs. Individual.

So, for those of you who know us, we are a team, we run a team. We have a lot of people come together to form the Othen Group. Why do we have that? Because we believe that a team is powerful and the power of the team weighs out the individual. Simply put, we don’t need to be out there staging houses or preparing the marketing ourselves, we are going to hire a marketing expert to work on your home. We have a marketing team that allows us to produce the highest quality marketing for your home to help us do our job for you. We have a staging team that comes out and prepares homes. They are a class act. We send people in who know what they are doing. I touch, because I am a bit of a control freak, everything that goes out because I want to make sure that the marketing, the digital material, the staging is just right, so that our clients are happy and because I know what works and I have the track record to prove it.

Do they have a listing lead? Is the person who you meet at your home, the person you are actually going to be working with? That is a really important question and I want you to listen to the answer. All too often I hear from people, I hired, you know, Banana Real Estate Team to sell my house but I never saw the head boss. And yes, we all get busy but, if someone made a commitment, shook your hand and agreed to sell your home, and you don’t see them guys, to me, that’s a huge problem.

In our team, we have different layers. We have a listing lead, we’ve got buyers agents, we’ve got an admin team, a marketing team and a staging team and those layers, sort of like an onion exist so that we can all work together and everyone can do their job. We can have discussions about every single home we sell. Have a plan, and crush that plan because there is nothing worse than, you meet me, I agree to take you on, and you never see me again. So, I know, some of you watching this, you have been there because I have heard you talk to me about it or I have seen it myself.

So, get yourself organized. Who are you going to trust to handle your biggest real estate transaction? Do your homework, come prepared. Watch this video back and share it with someone who needs to hear it. Make notes and be prepared. If you want to sell with us, I would be happy to set up a time to chat.

Have a great day folks.

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