What To Look For When Choosing a Realtor

Are you thinking of selling, but don't have a realtor yet? Here are 4 things that you need to ask a realtor before you give them your listing.

➡️How much commission will you charge? You need to know what you will be charged for the realtors services. Knowing this when you are searching for an agent will enable you to compare service offerings.

➡️What services are offered by the agent? There are many services that realtors can offer to their clients. Staging, photography, videography, home repairs, open houses and many more. Find out what the realtor will be offering for what they charge you.

➡️How long is the contract? The length of your contract with the realtor is up to you at the time of signing. Make sure that you understand how long the contract will be and ensure that it's set to a term that you are comfortable with.

➡️Team vs solo agent? Some realtors work alone, while others work with a team. An agent working with a team can quite often bring more services and support to your listing. Just make sure to understand whether you will be working with the agent who you are talking to. On some larger teams you may get passed off to another agent during the listing.

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