The key to showing your home!

 Spring has come and with the current state of Toronto Real Estate Market everyone’s busy trying to buy a home, agents and clients alike are fighting for a home showing appointment times! Here are some things to take note of: - With the ongoing pandemic, appointments are cut short to a 15-minute interval in a home, you’re lucky if you get 30! 

Home showings usually run from around 10 AM until 8 PM. Imagine, everyone on a Saturday wants to head out starting at 10 am, you’re not guaranteed a spot so you got to be the first person to get to the door!

I’ve seen a home recently that has as many as 80-100 showings in a day! Time is so condensed. You must plan ahead for your home showing appointment! - If you want to catch a really good deal, get your appointment slot as early as possible!

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