Stinky Home? Make YOUR First Impression Count


Is your house stinky?

Whether you’re set to host a dinner for friends or thinking of selling your home, that stinky house of yours is going to be an embarrassing problem. It will greet you at the front door, follow you around the house or come up straight through the vents from the basement. As a huge animal lover know that my love of animals runs deep. I’m a bit of a collector myself . But, if there is one thing I can’t tolerate its yucky smells that give me migraines. It may be the home of a habitual smoker who insists on smoking in the house. Sidebar: Why in 2017 are people still smoking? And, why the heck are they still smoking in the house.

After returning from a real estate conference in Vegas, and spending some time on the casino floor my clothes were a sponge for all the smoke in the air.

Whether its urine, or other sweaty pet odours, smoke or the smell of heavy spices in the home here are a few tips that will help make your life easier when trying to get rid of the stink.


Get rid of what is causing the odour.

The less urine or pet fur or cigarettes around the better. If your cat has marked an area- don’t let it sit. There are some amazing products on the market that are specifically designed to oxidize or neutralize pet odours. A product I love and have used personally for skunk sprayed outdoor furniture is Amazing Nok Out. It’s sold in your local pet shops like Petsmart, Pet Value and Global Pet Foods….just call ahead to make sure they carry it. And, don’t cheap out and buy the 32 oz spray bottle. You won’t get far if you aren’t aggressive with the problem and sometimes a second application is helpful.



Check your home for other sources of the odour.
Often, whether it’s the smell of food or smoke, its probably set into the drapery, carpeting and sometimes even drywall. If cleaning the drapery doesn’t remove the odour, you may want to buy some cheap drapery panels before selling. Otherwise, speak to an agent who can bring in a stager who can loan you some window coverings while your home is on the market. Sometimes replacing broadloom or removing area rugs is a must if you want to remove all traces of odour that may be trapped in fabrics. You would be surprised to know that plastic blinds and wood shutters can also absorb and retain smoke and other pungent odours.


Clean. Clean. Clean.
There is something to be said about Vinegar. It’s an amazing natural and safe product that can help you tackle a lot of odours. Buy Vinegar in Bulk And, use the tips above to buy the right cleaning products that are recommended for your specific odour problem. Start by cleaning the air in your home by opening windows and letting fresh air in. While simply airing out the home isn’t a solution, it’s a start. When cleaning your home, you will need a top to bottom clean. Literally. Ceilings are often an area where smoke or cooking odours get trapped. Use enzyme based cleaners (chemicals that best neutralize odours) when you are cleaning walls and ceilings. If you have little ones in the home, have allergies or are expecting….let someone else do it for you. And, make sure the home is aired out before you return!

Clean carpets! Seek the advice of a professional here because I have walked into homes that have been steamed and the smell becomes so much stronger by unleashing locked odours. Clean windows and doors too as the smells can often waft and settle there too.


Call me Baby!
I have a super sensitive nose for odours and won’t be shy to be honest with you. I will also bring you a house warming gift of my favourite Lampe Berger. While it won’t fix the smell, it will definitely help me relax in your home. They are meant to neutralize odours and trust me, they do a really good job of it.


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