Smell of Smoke

What smells worse than a home that has been smoked in for years on a hot summers day? If you ask me, the answer is nothing! 🤢🤢🤢 And, I absolutely hate it when I’m super pumped about a home that has beautiful curb appeal, shows great in photos but then you open the door and BAM the smell of smoke just kills any prospect of positive showing. 🤮🤢

Smoking in your home will not only kill showing vibes, it will cost you 💰💰💰. Tips to help get rid of the smoke smell 👇👇👇

📌 Stop smoking in your home and remove window coverings, furniture and area rugs and carpeting asap (any fabric).

📌Rent an ozone machine or contact a local Service Master for professional help.

📌Prime and everything possible with Zinsser or Kilz brand odour blocking paint or restoration type paints.

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