Senior Selling Tips

If you're a senior and you're considering selling your home here are some important tips to think about before you make the decision to sell.

➡️Find a Realtor who can add value

There are many steps involved in getting a home ready to sell. Repairs and renovation, decluttering, sorting and packing are just a few of the things that need to be considered. Look for a Realtor who has the connections and trusted trades to do the work that needs to be done.

➡️Don't be rushed through the process

Paperwork should never come first. Selling and moving is a big decision and your Realtor needs to take the time to fully understand where you want to go with your move. Do you need a condo, or maybe a bungalow is a better fit, where do you want to live, how much space to you need and are there relatives that you need to be close to. These all need to be fully discussed so that you have a successful move.

➡️Get advice while you are able to

Start talking to a Realtor while you still have a voice of your own. The best way to ensure that you end up where you want to be is to start the conversation early. Waiting too long may end up with your relatives making the decisions on your behalf.


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