Seniors Mobility Issues

Seniors looking to downsize need to be thinking about mobility issues. You may not have mobility issues now, but these can crop up in the future. Here are some things to think about when planning your downsizing.

➡️Downsizing into a smaller home. If this is not your final move then it can make sense to move to a smaller home or townhome. Stairs may become an issue in a few years, but that is ok if you have planned for a final move into a condo, or bungalow

➡️Distance to the elevator. When you're moving to a condo you will want to be closer to the elevator to minimize the walking. Some condo units can be quite a walk from the elevator and all those steps will add up.

➡️Distance to your parking space. Finding a unit that has a parking space close to the elevator will make your every day easier. You don't want to haul groceries and other items a long walk across an underground to the elevator bank.

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