Real Estate Real Talk: What's That Smell?!

 We’re keeping it real this #RealEstateRealTalk . Today we’re keeping it real for those of you that have your home up for sale or are thinking of selling! Let’s get real on....bad smells in your home! . Make sure to kill any negative odours in your home. Food and garbage should be cleared out before you have any showings. If you’ve been cooking the day prior make sure that any odours have been cleared out! Make sure garbage are taken out and the home is smelling and looking fabulous! .A great tip is to use a Sage Wellness diffuser in the home. A great oil diffuser to try is House Warming- recommended directly from Saje Wellness. You can have it set on a timer to make your home smell amazing and have the potential buyers breathing in some goooddd vibesss. Happy Monday! #RealEstateRealTalk .

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