Pre-construction Condos: What To Look For When Buying

Pre-construction Condos: What to Look for Before Buying 

The real estate market offers multiple property options, from bungalows and single-story houses to high-rise condos. However, buying a pre-construction condo from only a builders plan can feel like navigating a maze with many potential pitfalls. To successfully traverse this maze and make an informed decision, here's what to look for. 

Understanding Distinctive Aspects of Floor Plans

A crucial aspect of buying pre-construction condos involves understanding the blueprint or floor plan. Here are some guidelines.

Minimizing Wasted Space

Look for layouts that minimize wasted space. Condo floor plans may show ample square footage, but how much is functional living space, and how much is swallowed by hallways and foyer? Ideally, you want a layout that lets you maximize the use of space.

Practical Layout

A practical layout puts all your needs within easy reach. If marking out spaces for your sofa or dining area feels natural and easy, your layout works. In contrast, a layout where the sofa seems to float aimlessly indicates poor space planning. Can it be anchored against a wall? Arranging furniture can be difficult in a space that leaves you with too many options. The wrong kind of flexibility can lead to clutter and a disordered living environment.

Dining Space

Too many modern condos fail to provide a proper dining area, forcing residents to eat on the sofa or at a breakfast bar. Even small bistro spaces provide a formal eating area that many residents, not just older ones, might appreciate. Is the dining space located close to the kitchen? Some condo layouts have you crossing a sitting space to get to the dining area, which is not ideal.

Ceiling Height

Moving from a house to a condo often means sacrificing height. Low ceilings can make a condo feel more confining. The taller the ceilings, the more open and spacious the living area will feel.

Keep an Eye on the Kitchen

The kitchen area is an often-overlooked detail that can sour a deal. So, pay attention to it. Is there sufficient counter space? If a one-bedroom condo is likely to house a single occupant or a couple, is the kitchen space compatible? Can you fit a freestanding island or counter for food preparation? Take a good look at the cabinet layout paying attention to the amount of cabinet space. Will there be enough space for your needs?

Bathrooms: Location is Important 

In a condo, the bathroom door's location can dictate the overall comfort of the living space. Ideally, the bathroom door should not swing open towards the kitchen.

Entrances and Exits: Discreet and Optimized

Homeowners and guests want their privacy and don't want their kitchen to be the first thing their guests see when they exit the bathroom. Look for plans that have strategically placed entrances and exits that cater to privacy. In a one-bedroom unit, it’s best to look at units that place the bathroom closer to the entrance. This gives guests privacy without forcing them to walk through personal spaces.

Floor Plan Design: Not Just about Aesthetics 

The Key Plate: Orientation and View 

Make sure you not only fall for the look of a floor plan but also understand its utility. How does your unit sit in relation to the morning or evening sun? Where is the view, if any? Can you see out without becoming a spectacle for onlookers? Often you can’t guarantee that what looks like an unobstructed view will stay that way, but there are times where this can be the case. If so then these units should be your top targets

Proximity to the Elevator 

Living next to, or across from the elevator can mean frequent noise and traffic. Is your entry point visible to all entering or exiting the elevator, compromising your privacy? Stay away from these units and you’ll enjoy a quieter and more private space.

In Conclusion

Buying a pre-construction condo can be an excellent investment if you know what to look for. It's crucial to scrutinize the floor plan closely, keeping in mind all the considerations listed above. It would ensure your condo isn’t just a piece of real estate, but a home you feel comfortable in. If you're buying it for investment purposes then these tips will ensure that you'll be able to get top tier rent and when the time comes to sell you'll be able to drive top dollar.


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