Picky Buyers

This fall there are picky buyers everywhere in the Toronto real estate market. The market has slowed down and buyers have the time to scrutinize everything. If you're selling your home this fall there are a number of things that you need to do.

➡️Ensure That Your Home Looks Its Best Keeping your home clean and decluttered it essential. Controlling the presentation goes a long way towards removing a buyer's objections.

➡️Pricing Your Home You need to be priced right for the market. This means pricing your home using current comparables as the basis for your price. Pricing at market with some room for negotiation is your best option.

➡️Don't Be Stubborn Being stuck on firm offers, or not being willing to negotiate on price can leave you sitting on the market. Work with your agent to find solutions when working with offers.

➡️Conditional Offers are Normal Conditional offers are very much the norm now. This fall is a strong buyer's market and they will take their time for inspections, or ensuring financing is in order.

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