Partnerships & Real Estate

This #RealEstateRealTalk we’re talking about Partnerships & Real Estate 

If you’re looking to flip a home or purchase an investment property and doing so with a business partner, this is something we take very seriously. 

Please don’t jump into just any partnership. We look at them like marriages... it could be successful or if could end in a messy divorce. ??

? A few things to keep in mind when stepping into a real estate partnership:

1. Make sure that you both are matched financially. ? It’s best that all lending is matched equally. If one cannot, then they should be able to bring something to the table that will substantially help the investment. ?

2. You should be able to work together nicely. We know that sounds simple but, there’s a reason they say don’t mix business with pleasure. Make sure you both compliment each other’s work styles and work well together. ☮️

3. Timing is a huge thing to think about. Timing and goals! ⏰ If one of you wants to have the end result in 3 months and the other is 3 years then you’re not the right business partners. Make sure it works for both of you! ✔️

? There’s a lot to think about when going into a business partnership. You need to think of both of your long term plans, always have open communication and try to receive advice from a local Realtor. ??

? If you’re thinking about going into a partnership in real estate- talk to us first! We’ll help guide you through the process. Make an appointment with our Client Care Manager, Alexa 547-525-7653.

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