Paint your home to sell quickly!

This #RealEstateRealTalk we’re giving away some tips on painting your home! ?? ?

Painting your home is one of the cheapest and quickest ways to give it a new and refreshing look! ? We have some tips for you on how to paint your home so it’s able to sell quickly or if you’re looking to do some quick touch ups- here’s some advice for you! ??

1. Consider how much light you have in the room you’re painting. ☀️ Take in all of the natural light as well as your artificial lighting. The colour of the paint needs to go with the lighting. ? ⭐️ Hot Tip ⭐️ Light colours are a fan favourite in the real estate world and look beautiful in photos.

2. Make sure you’re taking in what’s in your room. From the flooring, cabinetry, etc. you need to make sure the paint flows and looks current. ✔️✨

3. The type of finish of the paint is super important. If you’re thinking of selling down the road- you want to make sure you have a paint that is easy to wash out hand marks, etc.

Make sure to hire a professional painter to help you out. We also highly recommended @sherwinwilliams stores. They always provide amazing help and advice.

And as always, we’re here for you!! If you need paint advice, colour advice or numbers of painters we trust, call or text our Client Care Manager 647-525-7653. ? ?  

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