Let's talk renovations...

Let’s talk Renovations... ?

This #RealEstateRealTalk we’re talking about renovating your home. ?

You know that we’re all about being honest and giving you our honest advice and feedback. ?

So we’re here today- reminding you to not go cheap with renovations. ? They will be able to be picked out during the Home Inspection or even the Agents and their clients. ? ?

You want to make sure your home is consistent all throughout. Nice flooring, nice appliances, gorgeous paint- you get the point! ?

Doing proper renovations will make your home sell faster and with more confidence. ?

If you can’t do it right, please don’t do it at all. ?

?Do you need a list of trusted professionals to get your home Reno’d the proper way?! ☎️ Call or text our Client Care Manager 647-525-7653 for a list of our trusted trades.

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