Landlords, are you looking for the perfect tenant?!

This #RealEstateRealTalk is for all of the Landlords out there. 

⭐️ The Rental Market is full of months and months of picked over leases. It’s a harder and longer process now to find a good tenant. Please listen ? to our advice and please don’t accept just any tenant application. 

Here are our tips:

1️⃣ Make sure to check over the potential tenants credit report. ? 700 and above are the scores you should be looking for. Remember not to just look at the score- look at the entire report! ?

2️⃣ Always read and verify the rental application. ? Make sure to call the references, past landlords and ask as many questions as you want. ??

⭐️ Don’t he afraid to decline someone because of negative references or bad credit. Remember this is your home still! ⭐️

3️⃣ Schedule a Zoom Interview or a safe face to face meeting with your potential tenant prior to accepting them. ? This way you will have a good feeling of who you will have as a tenant- great to put a face to the name/ documents! ?

4️⃣ Always, always, always accept first and last months of rent!! We have seen too many cases lately where the tenant can not provide first and last months of rent. ? This is a basic requirement and if they can’t provide first and last - this is probably a sneak peek on how they’ll be as tenants... ?

All in all, you need to go through a lot of paperwork, a lot of phone calls and verification to find a great tenant. It may be painful ? but it’s worth it in the end to know you have the best tenant in your home. ❤

Need help leasing your home or condo unit out? Need help finding the right tenant? ⭐️
We got you covered! ? Call or text our Client Care Manager 647-525-7653 to book a meeting with our team. ?

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