For Sale By Owner Mistakes

Are you thinking of selling your home by yourself? There are a few things that FSBO's need to keep in mind before listing their own home. Here are three common mistakes people make when trying to sell their home on their own.

➡️ Not Having a Plan For Your Story You need to have a great story for why you are moving. Yes, you should make something up here. Disclosing your real motivation to a real estate agent can give them valuable leverage over you when serving an offer.

➡️ Disclosing Too Much Information About Previous Offers FSBO owners need to be very careful answering questions about previous offers. Mentioning that you've had lowball offers, disclosing previous offer pricing, or reasons as to why offers fell apart will work against you. You will be much more likely to receive similar offers going forward if you share too much information.

➡️ Revealing Where You Are Going Last but not least, revealing where you are going is another big no-no for FSBO sellers. Realtors are asking that question to get valuable information from you that can be used against you. Be cautious about sharing information about your next destination as it could give buyers leverage during negotiations.


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