First 3 Things To Do After Moving In

Here are the 3 things you need to do as soon as you take possession of your new home!

✅ Change your locking systems on your property as soon as you get your keys. Safety first seems obvious but so many new home buyers don’t seem to be concerned about changing locks and it just doesn’t make sense. Take a photo of your new front door and locking systems (from inside and outside) on your final buyer’s visit and head to a hardware store and have the new hardware on hand and get on it. You have no idea who could potentially have keys to your home and your priority should be to secure it from day one! This includes changing digital codes for garage doors, new keys for side doors, new gate locks, and ordering a new mailbox key from Canada Post if you’re on a super box.

✅ Maintenance priorities include changing your filters in your home or condo to make sure you don’t put stress on your HVAC equipment, and to ensure that you are breathing clean air! Make sure that your C02 detector and fire alarms are tested and working and if they aren’t – get them replaced without delay. Additionally, find out where your shutoffs are for gas, water, and power! Make sure you label them in case of emergency.

✅ MEET YOUR NEIGHBOURS. Get out and say hello to your new neighbours or your concierge if you are moving into a new condo! They are going to have the inside scoop for your neighbourhood, be a wealth of knowledge for local events, shops and things to do. Having great neighbours is everything!

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