Easy Plan to Declutter!

4 Tips & Tricks to Get Your Kids to CLEAN and DECLUTTER Kids might not always be motivated about decluttering their rooms or cleaning up their mess. But when you are thinking of selling your home, there are multiple ways to involve your kids to get them working! 

In this special episode of #RealEstateRealTalk, Jacquie shares 4 tips & tricks to get your kids to clean and declutter. She explains how motivating kids to clean up can really be challenging as part of parenting, but it is not impossible! There are easy and proven ways to get your kids to clean up and do some other chores.

These cleaning motivation tips & tricks work for your small & big kids alike so be sure to watch fully watch the video! Now, get kids to clean up with these easy and effective tips. Happy Family Day!!! Now it's time to get your kids to work! #RealEstateRealTalk #Parenting101 #GettingKidsMotivated 

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