Decluttering Your Home for Sale

5 Essential Items for Home Decluttering and Staging 

Preparation is key whether you're planning on decluttering your home or placing it on the real estate market. One of the fundamental steps is to ensure you have all necessary tools at your disposal. This article aims to guide you through five crucial resources you will need during this process.

Say Yes to Boxes

The first step in any decluttering or home staging process inevitably involves boxing up your items. Boxes are versatile, manageable, and crucial for transporting and storing your belongings. But before you rush out and grab as many large boxes as you can handle, think again. Large boxes can be challenging to move and handle due to their bulky size. Instead, a useful tip is to get a mix of small, medium, and potentially a few large boxes for light and bulky items like bedding. These boxes can be found at local stores or ordered online from platforms like Home Depot or U-Haul.

The Power of Packing Tape

Once you have your boxes, it's essential to arm yourself with packing tape. This might seem like a minor detail, but it plays a life-saving role in ensuring the boxes remain intact, especially when filled with heavy items. Good-quality packing tape reinforces the boxes, preventing them from breaking or falling apart during the moving process. Refrain from using ordinary Scotch tape since it's not strong enough to secure your belongings.

Protect with Craft Paper and Bubble Wrap

The third item on our list pairs quite uncannily – craft paper and bubble wrap. These might not be the first things you think about, but they are vital for packing valuable, fragile, or delicate items. Hastily packing these items without proper protective measures could lead to breakages. Also, foam chips can serve as an effective substitute for bubble wrap or craft paper in providing the necessary cushioning. 

Go Heavy-Duty with Contractor-Grade Garbage Bags

The decluttering process often leads to a pile of trash or items for donation. This is where heavy-duty contractor-grade garbage bags come into play. Occupying the fourth spot, these sturdy bags can withstand heavy lifting and rough handling. Additionally, if you're in a hurry to prepare your home for sale, these bags will hasten the process. You can conveniently pack, label, and move your items to either a dump, donation center, or at a friend's place for storage.

A Case for Reusable Bins

Last but not least on our list are reusable bins. If the thought of using garbage bags unsettles you, consider using these sturdy and reusable containers instead. They prove especially handy in storing items tidily in your garage, crawl space, or cold storage – making the decluttering process a breeze while maintaining organization. You might initially fret over their price, but remember that they are a valuable investment. They provide a secure and safe haven for your treasured possessions during the moving process. Interestingly, once you're done, you can resell them via Facebook Marketplace or Kijiji, allowing you to recoup your initial outlay.

Bottom Line

No one said decluttering or staging a home for sale would be easy, but having the right tools can undoubtedly make the process manageable. Start with boxes, add some packing tape, ensure your items are safe with bubble wrap or paper, utilize heavy-duty garbage bags, and consider reusable bins. With these five elements, you're well on your way to a successful decluttering or home staging project.


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