Cottage Sales Have Sky Rocketed Since COVID. Is It Right For You?!

Cottage sales have soared through the roof since COVID- 19 took over the world. Since travelling is limited and still uncertain, families have invested in cottages to make sure they can still have fun with more space during these different times.

Although owning a cottage sounds amazing, please don't follow the trend "just because" - there's a lot of research and things to take note of. Our main piece of advice is to make sure the cottage is a four season cottage- which means: your cottage is available to live in comfortably all throughout the year. If you can't stay in your cottage during the winter or whenever, it's great to have a four season cottage because you can rent it out anytime of the year. Earning money on top of your investment- YES PLEASE!

Location, location, location is always key as well. No matter what kind of real estate you are purchasing- location should be the first thing in mind. Get in touch with us today 647-383-7653 and ask us where the best place to invest in a cottage is.

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