Buyer Tips For A Hot Market


Creating a winning strategy is integral in a hot and faced paced market like we are in right now! Demand is still very strong and in the coming weeks we will be in a full swing "Spring Market"

A few tips you may find helpful if you have been spinning your wheels are....

1.Expand Your Search Area!

We find that when clients loosen up their geographic search boundaries they are often pleasantly surprised. If landing in the "right" school district is your primary focus, you may need to do some additional research. We aren't suggesting you "settle" but often a few streets to the east or west (north or south too) can produce some great results in terms of new listings. Sometimes, overlooked areas are where our we find our best deals that have amazing growth!

2. Check Out All The Available Inventory!

Don't limit yourself to only looking at new listings. New listings are hot and when priced right sell in multiple offer scenarios and over their asking price. A property that has been on the market longer than 7 days may have simply been overlooked because of poor marketing on the listing agent's part. We LOVE those types of listings. Just because a property didn't photograph well, or wasn't marketed right, or the agent was lazy, doesn't mean it should be overlooked. Also, listings that were overpriced to begin with may have been overlooked by agents and the public. As the days on the market grow, most agents ignore the properties as good options.

We know better! Seller fatigue will eventually set in if the sellers are motivated. We want to ensure you see all the available inventory. Tough negotiations are our specialty.

3.Think Like A Renovator

Ugly homes can make for great investments or wonderful family homes. A good agent will help you determine which ugly ducklings can be transformed with very little effort or cost.

If you are a having a hard time getting into the market, we can help you look at things differently and create a winning strategy that is right for you. We can also help you partner with the best mortgage brokers to find products that will allow you to build reno work into your mortgage.

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