Best Charcuterie Boards in Town!

In this episode of #TorontoTuesdays, we feature the best and most beautiful Charcuterie Boards in town- Charcuterie Platters from Charcuterie Pickering! Charcuterie Pickering is a local charcuterie business owned by Maria born in the midst of the COVID pandemic. Charcuterie Pickering offers an array of beautifully displayed, delicious, and guaranteed fresh charcuterie on locally sourced handcrafted wooden boards. Serving in Durnham Region and the Greater Toronto Area, they cater to custom-made charcuterie platters with 48 hours' notice.

They offer Charcuterie boxes in all sorts of sizes. Each delicately arranged and delicious charcuterie platter by Charcuterie Pickering is made up of perfectly paired cheeses, cured meat, dips, locally crafted jams, spreads, artisan breads, crackers and so much more. Simply, their charcuterie is the perfect delicatessen for any event. What's make their business more special is that they also offer vegan, gluten-free, and halal charcuterie boards and boxes! Watch the video in its entirety so you get to know the best and most beautiful charcuterie boards from Pickering, Ontario.

Here goes the perfect charcuterie for your next gathering may it be a small or a large one! Find out more about their shop and how to order on the links below. Be sure to follow them on Instagram so you know where to go for the next occasion at your home! 



CONTACT THEM: [email protected]

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