Are You Thinking Of Selling In The Fall?

Selling your home in this fall market in Toronto may be a good choice for you. If you fall into one of these scenarios then making the move now may make sense.

➡️There is Certainty Right Now Housing prices have come down and the days on market are up, but are holding. Fall is typically when you will find some good deals in real estate. We don't know where real estate prices and the market will go in the spring, so taking advantage of the current market, which offers time to make decisions can be a great move.

➡️You Have a Real Tangible Need Are you having trouble with stairs, or you don't want to go through another winter? Maybe you've been looking at the luxury market, where home prices have taken the biggest hit. The deals can be found and there is still time for your home to be sold, or purchased before the snow falls.

➡️Trying to Time the Market Looking to win on the selling side and the buying side? If you are able to buy now and wait until spring to sell then it may work for you. There is always a risk to this though so be prepared.

➡️Financial Needs Pressing financial needs may be building on you. Separation, divorce, rising prices, or employment issues may put you in a situation where you need to make a move. Waiting until it's too late will limit your options so you may want to act now to sell and buy in the same market.

➡️You Are Downsizing Going from a big house to a smaller house, or to a condo, now is just as good a time as any. All price levels have been impacted so you can find deals and still do well.

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