Adopt Don't Shop: Ft. Teller

Update: I'm adopted!

This episode of #AdoptDontShop at The Toronto Humane Society features Teller! This little guy has an amazing story. He has thankfully recovered from a difficult medical past. This 3 year old fluffer went through a dark tunnel and he is now healthy and can see the light!

He is ready for his forever home. He loves affection and impressing you with his tricks. Teller is still recovering from his past, so a calm home with older children and no other animals is perfect for sweet little Teller.

If you're interested in this gem, you can reach out to us or Hannah at The Toronto Humane Society.

If it’s not the right time for you to adopt a furry friend- please try to donate food, treats or funds to @toronto_humane_society 

Thanks for watching! Help us support #AdoptDontShop

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